Orchardale (Medium Roast)


Orchardale Estate, Yercaud is one of the highest coffee plantations in the Shevaroys with fields ranging between 4700 and 5000 feet. The bauxite soil is rich and deep producing excellent coffee and oranges with huge potential for producing our best coffee yet. Hailing from the same region of Moganad and Gowri Estates, this coffee is nutty with a subtle acidity to leave your palate clean and ready for the next sip. It is reminiscent of a good cup of Kenyan coffee. 

Region: Orchardale Estate, Yercaud  
Process: Washed Parchment 
Altitude: 4700 Feet
Best with: French Press, Clever Dripper-Pour Over, AeroPress & Cold Brew 
Cupper's Notes: Hazelnuts and Apple

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